'˜Witch' Amy casts Blind Date spell

Self-confessed white witch Amy Masterson is flying off to the South of France today hoping to cast a spell over a total stranger.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 7th February 2018, 12:00 am
Amy jokes with Blind Date host Paul O'Grady
Amy jokes with Blind Date host Paul O'Grady

The 23-year-old teaching assistant from Leyland is on an all-expenses-paid trip to Nice to meet up with Chris from Derby, the man she picked on TV’s Blind Date show back in June.

“I don’t know much about him,” she admitted before jetting off from Gatwick Airport. “When the screen went back I thought ‘he’s a bit of alright.’ But after holding hands and walking off the set, we were split up and we haven’t clapped eyes on each other since.”

Bubbly Lancashire lass Amy (right), who confessed to host Paul O’Grady that two spiritualists had told her she was a white witch, only entered the Channel 5 show as a laugh.

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Sporting pink hair and an array of tattoos, she was “stunned” to find herself on the programme as the picker who had the choice of three men hidden behind a screen.

After asking them three questions she chose Chris and, when the two came face to face, she immediately grabbed his beard.

“I love men with beards, I’m obsessed with them. And when I saw him I thought ‘oh my god’ and just stroked it.

“He was really nice – in the short amount of time we had together. So I’m looking forward to meeting him in Nice. I’ve been single for six years. I’m the only single one in my group of friends, so they all encouraged me to enter.

“I’m glad I did, it’s been an interesting experience, so far.”

Amy admits she has had to put up with some “nasty” comments on social media since the Blind Date episode was broadcast at the weekend.

One described her tattoos as “ghastly,” another said she was “bonkers” and a third said ”no wonder this girl is single.”

But the teaching assistant, who works with children with autism, refused to let it get her down.

“It’s really sad that some people go out of their way to judge people on their appearance,” she said. “It got to me a little bit, but this is who I am and I’m happy with me.”

Her choice Chris was a former Mr Nottingham. She rejected Alex from Bristol and Anteo from Italy.