Weekend treat lacked spice

Double Tree, Garstang Road, Fulwood

Saturday, 6th June 2015, 9:00 pm
Double Tree, Garstang Road
Double Tree, Garstang Road

Last time I ate in at the Double Tree, I really enjoyed the curry but the service was a bit haphazard (with our waiter forgetting bits of the order and then accidentally spilling a drink over a colleague’s posh coat).

Despite the unfortunate dry-cleaning episode, the food was good so I decided to give it another crack, this time with a takeaway. Holed up late in the office on a Sunday night, I rang through my order and went to collect it half an hour later.

I was greeted by two cheerful, friendly chaps who handed over my still-hot feast, had a chat with me and held the door open on my way out. Definite improvement on the service this time!

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I kicked off with some onion bhajis (£2.50) and bengoli fish (£4.95). The bhajis, shared with a fellow late shift colleague, were fairly tasty, with nice crunchy batter and came in a generous portion.

However, I was just a bit disappointed with the fish, which was supposed to have chilli in the sauce but was very mildly flavoured.

The same was true of my main course, a chicken bhuna (£5.50), which said on the menu would be medium spiced, but lacked any really kick. However, it was pleasant enough, with plenty of chicken wrapped in a rich tomato based sauce and accompanied by mushroom rice (£2.95) – and the leftovers tasted better the next day once the flavours had seeped in.

The meal was decent value and certainly filling enough to get me through a weary Sunday night shift; it just wasn’t particularly memorable.

Star rating: 6.5/10