Trainor lifts the Title

Meghan Trainor’s album Title has been a smash hit but it took hearing one of her tunes in a restaurant to convince her she was famous. Ahead of the US star’s spring North West date, LEE HOWARTH reports

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 7th February 2015, 11:00 am
Meghan Trainors first UK tour stops off in the North West this April
Meghan Trainors first UK tour stops off in the North West this April

Meghan Trainor’s debut album Title opens with a short acapella before launching head first into arguably the biggest breakthrough hit of 2014, All About That Bass, the success of which was a surprise to nobody more than the US singer herself.

It spent four weeks as the UK number one and double that time in the US.

“It’s the ones you never guess, the ones you never know. I had no clue,” she said.

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“I got weirded out...

“I went to a sushi place. I walk in and Lips Are Movin’ is playing and five minutes later Bass plays. I was just like – I’m famous.”

Lips Are Movin’, of course, was the follow-up single which kept up Meghan’s momentum.

Impressively, despite only signing her record contract early last year, she is now a known name worldwide.

Between them, the two singles have shifted many million copies – more than six million, in fact, for her debut alone.

All About That Bass – a song she wrote when still unsigned – even got her nominated for two Grammys.

“For the rest of my life I’ll be introduced as Grammy-nominated Meghan Trainor. That’s epic!”

Album tracks 3AM and Bang Dem Sticks should both be surefire smashes too if 
let loose on the singles charts, but differ thematically from the rest of the album.

Bang Dem Sticks, in particular does make an interesting change of pace on a album which is predominantly doo-wop and pop – and surprisingly, perhaps, it is also currently Meghan’s favourite track.

Another album highlight is the stunning duet with John Legend, Like I’m Gonna Lose You.

Meghan said: “My management manages him so I sent them the song with just my vocals on it. He said I would love to be a part of that.”

Becoming a successful touring solo artist has already brought a lot of opportunities for her.

“I’ve been to Australia, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the UK. And a lot of 20 year olds can’t say that,” she said.

“I had an arena of 20,000 people sing happy birthday to me.”

She does, however, have a few tour comforts which she cannot do without.

“I have a stuffed animal named Paddles that I recently got. I bring him everywhere.”

“And then Nando’s chicken. Nando’s kills it.”

So with the tour now imminent, the album finally released – and with such a great deal of promise for the future – 2015 seems like it has the potential to be an even bigger year.

“It’s gonna be my year to really get people, let people start to know Meghan Trainor and who she is and what she’s about.

“And I’m so excited.”

Her debut UK headline tour starts at The Ritz in Manchester on April 9.