There’s no spots on a Domino’s feast

Domino’sStation Road, Bamber Bridge

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 31st January 2015, 11:00 am

It was that ‘Sunday afternoon feeling’ time of the week again.

And with a little one to bath, the school uniform to iron and the packed lunch to prepare, the prospect of a pile of pots to wash positively perturbed me.

So going against all Sunday roast tradition we decided pizza was the only answer.

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Now, Domino’s usually conjures up the idea of a bill that would make your eyes water more than a slice of their large Sizzler, but having eaten our way through most of our local pizza takeaways, we needed to try somewhere different.

So we tentatively had a look at the Domino’s website and came across their Winter Survival Deals offering pizza, garlic bread, potato wedges and - deep breath - a portion of doughnuts!

With each of us having - how shall we put it? - ‘healthy appetites’, we went for the ‘Bigger’ option which included all of the above plus an extra medium pizza, all for just £19.99. Bargain.

Having placed and paid for the order on-line, Domino’s offer a nifty little order tracking system with which you can follow your food from preparation to ‘quality control’.

And half an hour later, right on cue, there was a knock on the door.

Among the vast collection of cardboard boxes our food was hot, freshly made and looked like an incredible feast.

I’d chosen the Tandoori Hot for my medium pizza and it certainly had a kick. There were plenty of peppers but the chicken was a little thin on the ground with one or two slices missing out completely.

Both pizzas had thick, slightly over-doughy bases which proved filling even for us and the large Vegi Volcano, while hot and spicy, was also a bit lacking in the topping department

The sides went down a treat however; the garlic bread was light, fluffy with a deliciously mild flavour that didn’t linger; the potato wedges were crisp and had a lovely, slightly spicy seasoning, and the fresh, sugary doughnuts, well, they just disappeared!

With similar pizzas and a garlic bread costing around £17 from most other takeaways, the Winter Survival Deal is great value. There was even a couple of slices of the Vegi Volcano left over for Monday’s lunch.

Get it while you can!

Helen Lindsay

Star rating: 8/10