Winner of a war play on theatre's home front

Lottys WarLottys War
Lottys War
Lotty's War, Grand Theatre

The wartime population of the Channel Islands were denied any choice over whether they became part of an enlarged Europe.

Three characters represent the island’s oppressor, resistance, and eponymous young woman.

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Giuliano Crispini’s modern play, immensely old-fashioned theatre work, at times looks and sounds like a 90-minute film drama.

German general (Ian Reddington) commandeers the home of Lotty (Victoria Emslie). Through them, and Lotty’s putative fiancée Ben (Mat Ruttle), the play’s author throws in a wealth of historic detail.

The play owes nearly all of its ability to succeed to Emslie’s central performance. For an actress not long out of drama school she has an impressive CV, enhanced by a performance that sees her grow from ingénue to assured young woman. Ian Reddington’s Nazi overlord could have been rented straight from Central Casting, but this highly-competent actor delivers a much more nuanced character. Compact and economic Lotty’s War knows its audience and doesn’t disappoint. Runs until Saturday.

David Upton

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