Who's for the chop on Koko's little list for Lytham show?

Current affairs followers could be in for a treat, with the next open air production at Lytham Hall this summer.

As has long been the tradition, in productions of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado, the Lord High Executioner Koko forms a ‘little list’ of people possibly for the chop - usually from contemporary characters.

Edward Simpson who will play the role at Lytham on Sunday, August 20, is keeping quiet about who may be on his list - but has given a little teaser.

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“Since The Mikado was first performed in 1886 it has been an accepted tradition that Koko’s ‘little list’ will be adapted and updated to include the celebrities and fashions of the day,” he explained. “It provides a topical challenge for the producer and cast and much amusement and surprise to the audience. As for Teresa May? ….I can’t possibly say!”

Season organiser Julian Wilde added: “Edward is a master of the comic song, with wonderful pace and assured enunciation of the most tricky rhymes – my money’s on Nigel Farage getting the chop!”