Viva Vegas in the heart of resort

Leye D Johns and the Viva ShowgirlsLeye D Johns and the Viva Showgirls
Leye D Johns and the Viva Showgirls
It's a triple whammy, as ever, for popular venue Viva on Saturday night.

Show times are staggered to make the most of the very different market forces within the resort.

And all three shows run through to mid-November.

MD Martin Heywood set to out to offer something for everyone and has the space – and the vision – to do just that.

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If you want Vegas on a Blackpool scale, resort stalwart Leye D Johns returns as the host with the most to Viva Blackpool on Saturday for what’s become a regular night out with the locals as much as the tourists – thanks to the season run of Viva Vegas in the popular venue’s cabaret theatre.

The flamboyant and outrageous host presents some great vocalists, stunning showgirls, hilarious comedy and fun tonight for a taste of Vegas in the heart of the resort.

The same night Viva Blackpool presents the Comedy Station Club in the Round Room, with MC Ryan Gleeson presenting a weekly Stand-Up Saturday .

And there’s even more than a touch of magic with award winning Michael Jordan fronting the High Jink Magic, Illusion and Circus Show, in the Festival Suite, for a fast paced fun filled family night out which leaves audiences baffled, bemused, delighted but above all entertained.

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