Two nights left to see this wonder

Annie - Preston Musical Comedy Society - Charter Theatre

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 17th April 2014, 12:33 pm
Annie  - Preston Musical Comedy Society - Charter Theatre
Annie - Preston Musical Comedy Society - Charter Theatre

This multi-talented society has chosen a diamond of a show to begin their 60th year and Director, Julie Oldfield, has pulled out all the stops to produce the colossal wow factor!

Eleven years after Annie was left on the steps of the New York Municipal Orphanage with a silver locket and a note explaining that her parents would return one day she is still hoping they will keep their word.

Annie runs away from horrible Miss Hannigan (Liz Proctor) who is in charge, befriends a dog who then roams off and is brought back to the orphanage by the police.

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Billionaire Oliver Warbucks (Neil Townsend) invites Annie to spend the Christmas holidays with him in his happy household – helped by his Secretary, Grace Farrell (Kirsty Chapman) and Butler, Drake (Daniel Kings).

Annie has such an effect on him he wants to adopt her. But she still yearns for her real parents.

A huge search brings villains from across America claiming Annie as their daughter.

Cue Miss Hannigan’s dastardly brother, Rooster (Luke Taberner), and his girlfriend, Lily (Lucy-Ella Smith) who are only interested in the $50,000 reward money.

President Roosevelt (Eddie Regan) helps to discover their treachery and they are arrested along with Miss Hannigan.

Such a wonderful show should have a happy ending and it does! Annie is adopted into the billionaire lifestyle in a rousing Christmas party finale.

Oh ... and the dog, Sandy (five-month-old puppy Freddie Birch) comes back. (Cue tears rolling down my cheeks!)

Young Sofia Di Meo-Smith is perfect and sweet as sugar in the title role.

This is a top-class production with an excellent orchestra headed by experienced Musical Director, Edward Rugman.

Zak Yates’s inventive choreography is exquisite and the sets are breathtaking with beautiful costumes. Excellent casting and superb, faultless acting and chorus make this a show to remember!

Love – love – loved it!

Jenny Robson