Travels With My Aunt as Greene as ever

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the death of legendary novellist Graham Greene and stage adaptation one of his most entertaining works '˜Travels with My Aunt' will be coming to Blackpool Grand Theatre on Tuesday, September 20.
Travels with My AuntTravels with My Aunt
Travels with My Aunt

Described as “one very ordinary man’s extraordinary journey of self-discovery”, the story follows Henry Pulling, who leads a quiet bachelor life until his Aunt Augusta persuades him to travel with her initially to Brigton but eventually as far flung as Istanbul, meeting all sorts of weird and wonderful people along the way.

The plot mirrors Green’s own obsession with travelling and just four actors play the roles of over 20 characters.

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The show has been adapted by Creative Cow, and the company’s co-founder Katherin Senior said: “We love the way Travels with my Aunt traces two voyages in parallel – one a physical cross-continental journey by plane, train and boat and the other a mind-blowing, eye-opening journey of self-discovery. Henry couldn’t be more different from Greene himself, who was adventurous, risk-loving and unconventional - but can we perhaps see some similarities by the end? It’s a great pleasure to be touring this work by one of our favourite authors in this anniversary year.”

Tickets are priced from £12.50 and are available by calling 01253 290 190.