Time comes for Drama Club

Time And Time Again
Preston Drama Club, Preston Playhouse

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 14th January 2014, 6:00 am
Preston Playhouse
Preston Playhouse

Preston Drama Club’s latest presentation will be Alan Ayckbourn’s hilarious farce Time And Time Again.

Known to fans as ‘the one with the gnome’, and directed by Stella Judson, Time and Time Again’ traces an eventful year in the life of Leonard, and his relationship with Joan.

Leonard, never known to exert himself, even takes up cricket and football to be near her. Not a good move as she is, unfortunately, Peter’s fiancée at the time.

Graham, Leonard’s brother-in-law (and Peter’s boss) also fancies Joan and, driven by jealous lust, undertakes a number of ill-advised activities. Anna, Graham’s long-suffering wife, tries in her own way to make everything right.

Eventually Peter ‘has to be told’. Given that in eight months he appears to have noticed nothing unusual, this is not going to be easy...

January 15-18, tickets £8 and £7, with programme.

Call 01772 744771 or 252288.