The Horne of plenty of laughs

Alex HorneAlex Horne
Alex Horne
Nominated for Best Show at 2014 Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Awards, Alex Horne brings a curious contraption to Chorley Little Theatre.

Remember that board game Mousetrap?

Now that was a brilliant board game wasn’t it? And you know that Honda advert, where all the car parts collided to make a thing happen?

Now that was a brilliant advert, wasn’t it?

Well, these are just two of the ideas informing Monsieur Butterfly, perhaps Horne’s most ridiculous show yet.

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Of course, Mousetrap was a game for kids which meant you lost the rubber band and the ball-bearing would always fall off the chute.

And that Honda ad actually took nine months to set up, cost a million pounds and was still only successful on the 660th attempt.

In this unprecedented comedy experience, you can watch Alex Horne attempt something similar in just 60 minutes.

He’ll have just one chance. He has not spent a million pounds.

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He has, however, invested more than £85 on eBay, made 10 or more trips to Wickes and he has purchased a second-hand van.

Stupidly ambitious, logistically problematic, definitely dangerous, this is the show Alex has wanted to make for a decade.

Finally, he will be Monsieur Butterfly. One flap of his delicate wings and mayhem will prevail.

Three-time Countdown champion, award winning comedian and leader of 12-legged comedy/ jazz juggernaut The Horne Section, Alex Horne is one of the UK’s most original and inventive comics.

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In summer 2015 he will star alongside Greg Davies in new Dave TV series Taskmaster based on his critically acclaimed live show which ran at the Edinburgh Festival in 2010 and 2011.

Tickets cost £15 and are available now fromMalcolm’s Musicland (01257 264362) or We Got Tickets /See Tickets

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