Players’ first class Last Tango

In their 69th season, The Club Players of Broughton celebrated their 200th production with an evening of One Act plays.
Last Tango in Little BroughtonLast Tango in Little Broughton
Last Tango in Little Broughton

The audience were seated at candlelit tables enjoying a glass of wine as they watched the entertainment.

In Last Tango in Little Broughton, that perennial favourite by David Tristram, directed by Trilby Beetham, club president, Mike Davison, played the chairman of an amateur dramatic group which had fallen on hard times so, in a last desperate attempt to bring in revenue, advertised a play warning the public of adult content and scenes featuring nudity.

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Judith Webster made a delicious middle-aged lady who coyly suggested she may be prepared to reveal certain portions of her body if the occasion demanded. Gillian Hodgson played Joyce, who regretted that a four-strong cast would have a problem performing Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and David Quick was the taciturn Bernard who was only there to build the set.

In Book Club of Little Whitterington, Debbie Burns, Sue Ashcroft, Sylvia Williams and Maureen Nixon,who looks like a young version of Lesley Joseph, were members of a book club reluctant to admit Paula (Christie Stewart), a new young applicant to their society because they didn’t feel she was ‘on the right side of the tracks’. But Paula got her comeuppance.

For the final event, the suavely dressed Dean Wallace presented The Life and Music of Noel Coward, in the person of The Master, recalling highlights of his life, reciting scripts from his plays and singing some of his most popular songs.

Altogether, an enjoyable evening, and we look forward to the Club Players’ 201st 
production in March which is to be Crown Prince by John Godbar.

Last Tango in Little Broughton

The Club Players@Broughton

Ron Ellis

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