Lonely night for Snow Leopard

He’s encountered wolves, snakes, guard dogs, sandstorms and blizzards so facing an audience at The Dukes will be a welcome relief for adventurer Ash Dykes.
Ash DykesAsh Dykes
Ash Dykes

The first person to complete a solo and unsupported walk across Mongolia will be talking about his exploits at the Lancaster theatre on March 17.

Known as ‘the lonely snow leopard’ in acknowledgement of the respectful distance kept by the dangerous wild wolves, Ash Dykes set a new world record last year by walking alone from the Altai Mountains, across the Gobi Desert to the Mongolian Steppe.

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Pulling a 120kg cart of provisions, he battled sandstorms, heat exhaustion and dehydration, covering 1,500 miles in just 78 days.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes described this feat as “an example of great determination, which would have proved both
physically and mentally challenging to achieve what is becoming harder all the time – an adventuring world’s first”.

But such adventures are just a way of life for Ash who began pushing himself to the limits aged 19 when he left Wales to explore the world. He worked as a scuba diving instructor in Thailand while learning the deadly martial art of Muay Thai and competing against the locals.

In the four years since his challenges have included cycling Cambodia and the length of Vietnam in 15 days; trekking the Himalayas; learning how to survive in the jungle with a Burmese Hill Tribe and trekking alone through the Alps.

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Tickets for Breaking Mongolia: The Lonely Snow Leopard are £14/£12 concs. For more details or to book call 01524 598500 or visit www.dukes-lancaster.org

A £1 per transaction fee applies when booking online.

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