Lee Nelson

53 Degrees - Preston

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 7th May 2014, 11:31 am
Lee Nelson
Lee Nelson

Comedy characters can be a funny thing – or not depending what tickles your personal sense of humour.

Take Steve Coogan’s creation Alan Partridge for instance. I absolutely love him but many of my friends can’t stand him.

So, I was a bit sceptical when we went to see Lee Nelson, who we’d never watched before. We felt the night would be like Marmite – we’d either love it or hate it.

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I was pleasantly surprised to find Lee Nelson wasn’t actually in full chav character and was actually very funny.

Creator Simon Brodkin, who qualified as a doctor, is truly gifted when it comes to observational humour and his quickfire interaction with the audience was pure gold.

His ability to get the banter going with the crowd – including a bailiff – and the skilful way he dealt with an annoying heckler were superb.

I particularly liked his views on Scottish independence when he reflected that the Scots have already got their own currency: “the pooond”.

However, for me, Lee’s Mr and Mrs-style Happy Couples end game was just too loutish and lazy and, while there was laughter, it was in a rather uncomfortable way.

Two couples were invited on stage and asked to answer questions such as how many sexual partners their man had before meeting them, who from their close friends and family they thought they fancied and then the women had to be blindfolded and guess their partner by feeling each man’s crotch.

While I’m no prude, I was cringing for each couple as they then had to re-enact as many sexual positions as they could in 20 seconds.

I’m sure Hubby and I weren’t the only couple who left the venue thinking: “Thank God that wasn’t us!”