Have a nosey at this Pinocchio adaptation

Pinocchio at the Lowther PavilionPinocchio at the Lowther Pavilion
Pinocchio at the Lowther Pavilion
CBeebies presenter Patrick Lynch will bring the classic children's story of Pinocchio to life through the medium of books at Lowther Pavilion, on Sunday.

The Curious Adventures of Pinocchio, which has been funded by the Arts Council England, tells the whole and unedited story of Pinocchio, one which is not usually told on stage or in film.

It’s all done by using books - magic books which release a shower of gold, snow books, water books, mischievous books which move by themselves, biting books, fighting books and books you can disappear into.

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One of the main people responsible for the weird and wonderful idea is Patrick Lynch, who will be known to children and parents for his appearances on CBeebies shows such as Razzle Dazzle, Let’s Celebrate and Bedtime Stories.

However he is also an artistic director, writer and actor for children’s theatre company Lyngo.

Patrick says: “We want to show our audience the whole story of Pinocchio with the familiar growing nose, the cricket and the whale but also the cat and the fox, the field of miracles, talking donkeys and a turquoise fairy.”

Lyngo have been bringing the best of Italian children’s theatre to the UK for 13 years.

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As well as Patrick Lynch, they have a long-term relationship with Italian artist and director Marcello Chiarenza and composer Cialdo Capelli, who are both well-known on the European circuit for their quality work.

Marcello Chiarenza, who is also a respected visual artist with work in galleries all over Europe, co-wrote, directed and designed the show, giving it his very distinctive visual flair.

Carlo, on the other hand, studied under celebrated German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen and has won numerous awards for his music.

Pinocchio is a timeless tale and its appeal is enduring.

The Disney film is one of the greatest animations of all time and I defy anybody to say that they weren’t a fan of it growing up, without their nose at least doubling in size.

Make sure you don’t miss this creative re-imagining for a modern audience.

For more information visit https://lowtherpavilion.co.uk.