Diva singer La Voix has demands for pier show

La Voix with showgirls on Blackpool North PierLa Voix with showgirls on Blackpool North Pier
La Voix with showgirls on Blackpool North Pier
Dazzling cabaret star La Voix has called on Blackpool residents to embrace North Pier and join her for a series of very special shows there this summer.

The performer who came to fame on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014, is bringing her sparkling spectacular - ‘a real true variety show with a lot of feathers and a lot of glitter’ - to the famous venue every Saturday this month.

“It will be worth the walk,” La Voix promised. “It’s wonderful walking down that good old English pier.

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People say the planks are rotten, they’re not; it’s been so well restored, all the seats, all the wood. And they’re relaunching the Carousel Bar too.

“It’s something so unique when you get to the theatre.

“Whatever preconceptions of the theatre at North Pier, we want it to be really special and to have it’s own feel. It’s the history of what used to be.

“People need to embrace what North Pier used to be and bring that back.

“If you’re one of those people who says ‘It used to be wonderful’, I would say it still is.

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Residents have to realise you’ve still got this beautiful historic theatre on your doorstep.”

La Voix’s coming to Blackpool fresh from touring America and Europe, and wanted to bring the show to the UK - with its full band, dancers and celebrity guests.

“Where better to do it than Blackpool at the end of the pier theatre?” La Voix said. “Blackpool’s probably the only place to do it.

“We were so sad to hear how long it has been since North Pier had a real variety show.

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“They had availability for every Saturday in August and it was as simple as that.

“The passion and pride they have in that theatre is wonderful. I came from London to see it and they made me want to do it even more.

“We want to go across the UK with the show, but start it here.”

Diva songstress La Voix recreates the songs of iconic stars such as Shirley Bassey, Donna Summer and Tina Turner, and as well beautiful ballads from the likes of Joni Mitchell.

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And she’s promising to ‘bring the glamour back’ to North Pier Theatre with ‘amazing costumes, eight dancers with big Vegas feather head-dresses. Live music, live singing and live comedy.’

“If I can bring some glamour and Vegas to the theatre, I’ll give back as much as the people who are in the audience,” she added.

“If 20 people come, I’ll do the same show as if 1,000 people are there.

“It’s a wonderful place.

“It’s a very Vegas-type show and people call Blackpool the Vegas of Britain.”

Tickets for La Voix at North Pier Theatre cost £15, £12 for concessions, from 01253 623304.