Curtain call is Hall up for grabs

Curtain UpThe Hall PlayersBroadway hall, Fulwood

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 17th November 2013, 6:00 pm
Theatre review
Theatre review

The Hall Players started their new season with ‘Curtain Up’, a comedy written by Peter Quilter and produced by Tom Armitt who was making his debut in this capacity

The action takes place in a derelict theatre bequeathed to four female relatives and one work colleague of the late Michael.

Pam (Kate Allen), Michael’s ex-wife, wants to sell the
theatre. His widow Jackie (Joy Livermore) is not so keen.

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The two are bitter enemies and Pam has not moved on from being cast aside for the attractive Jackie.

Theresa (Emma Redmond) is Pam’s daughter, friendly to all and desperate to restore the theatre to its former glory, as is Michael’s former PA Sharon (Emily Birkett), all purple hair and tattoo. Finally Betty, Pam’s mother, joins in with gusto. A confident performance from Maureen Nickson.

With great hilarity and lots of one liners these unlikely business partners team up to bring the theatre back to life.

The first scene depicts the theatre looking dilapidated and, as each scene changes, the theatre slowly reflects the work they have all put in.

Of course, it is the raising of money which is difficult – until the girls hit on the idea of bringing a celebrity to star in a Grand Opening Show. They contact Liza Minnelli and to their delight she agrees to appear and it seems their venture may actually work.

However, with the opening just hours away, they receive a fateful phone call from Lisa’s management. She has flu and won’t be coming.

In a flurry of activity and some great comic scenes, a reluctant Pam, reinforced by several large drinks, is transformed into a Lisa Minelli tribute act...

A funny play and a good night’s entertainment with a thought provoking finale.


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