Comedy legend Bob coming to Opera House

Bob Mortimer, who is performing at Blackpool Opera House with Vic ReevesBob Mortimer, who is performing at Blackpool Opera House with Vic Reeves
Bob Mortimer, who is performing at Blackpool Opera House with Vic Reeves
Comedy legend Bob Mortimer says he is 'excited' to perform in Blackpool for the first time in more than 20 years, following the cancellation of last year's show.

Bob will be joined by his comedy partner Vic Reeves for their 25th Anniversary, ‘Poignant Moments’ tour at the Blackpool Opera House, on Saturday.

They were originally scheduled to perform last year, but Bob’s triple heart bypass operation, left the duo with little choice but to cancel the first half of their tour.

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They’ve rescheduled the shows for this month and Bob was very calm when asked about the live-saving procedure.

He said: “We had to cancel the first half of the tour because I had a heart operation so we’re just going back to the places where we cancelled.”

“It was a fairly straightforward operation, it’s not as big a deal as you think it is when you first hear that you’re having it.

“I was touring 12 weeks afterwards, it gives you a new lease of life.”

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He added: “We’ve already done the show so it shouldn’t take too long to get up to speed with it.

“You worry a lot when you’ve never done a show but because we’ve done this one it doesn’t feel quite as frightening.”

Last year’s shows were the first time Reeves and Mortimer took to the road in 20 years, but Bob has fond memories of performing in Blackpool.

He said: “It’s a long time since we were at the Opera House.

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“It’s a lovely building, we had spectacular fish and chips nearby and we had a great time in Blackpool. I think we’re talking around 20 years ago in the first 10 years of mine and Vic’s partnership.

“It’s a big place. The old theatres all seem to have better sound and more intimacy.

“When you do the Arenas, it’s fun but it always seems a bit cold. It’s a whole different smell and atmosphere to the place than the brand new venues so you do look forward to them and the audiences up more always seem more up for a laugh.”

During the tour, Bob will be writing a new sketch show for the BBC along with Vic, with the working title ‘Vic and Bob’s Sketch Show’ although he explained, “we’ll emerge from this tour with a name for it”.

Tickets: 0844 8561111.