Circus of Horrors performer to preserve legacy

The Circus of Horrors will this year be celebrating its 21st anniversary and performer Anthony Walls has left something rather peculiar to the show in his will.

The Circus of Horrors, with Anthony Wall third from left
The Circus of Horrors, with Anthony Wall third from left

He has decided to have his body preserved via taxidermy and then displayed in the Circus of Horrors as it tours the world.

Anthony, 50, currently performs under his alter ego ‘The Mongolian Laughing Boy’, acting as a human pin cushion act which has him pushing giant hat pins through his neck and face.

Anthony said: “I have been in this particular form of entertainment all my life, I first laid on a bed of nails when I was four years old and I want this legacy to live on beyond my death and I believe the best way of doing this would be to have my body preserved via taxidermy and exhibited in the most famous Freak Show on Earth The Circus of Horrors.”

Dr Haze, owner of Circus of Horrors added: “We would be proud to honour Anthony’s wish, he has been a very popular performer in the show for the past 20 years and it would be great if people could continue to enjoy his presence when his body is displayed wherever we go.”

• Circus of Horrors will visit Lancaster Grand Theatre on Wednesday, March 8 and Preston Guild Hall on Friday, March 24. For tickets and more information, visit