All key aspects of a lovely show

Aspects of LovePreston Musical Comedy Society - Charter Theatre

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 25th September 2014, 3:00 pm
Theatre reviews
Theatre reviews

This amateur production of Aspects of Love makes the best of one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s less successful plays.

Aspects of Love takes the audience on a 17-year journey, showing love’s many ups and downs and unpredictable nature.

Preston Musical Comedy Society’s production is more opera than musical, with little spoken word, and the orchestra played a big part in setting the different moods in the contrasting scenes.

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Throughout the production Love Changes Everything resonates, towering over the entire show.

The star would have to be Jo Duckworth, who plays Rose Vibert. Although Rose is not particularly likeable, Duckworth successfully conveyed her warmth and genuine quest for love.

The storyline is complex to say the least, but the actors took this in their stride, and the show flowed well.

Silver fox George Dillingham made a sight for sore eyes, and was probably the character the audience could connect with most. Nearing the end of the play we see him transformed from a heartless bachelor to a loving husband and dedicated father.

Honey Walker, who plays young Jenny Dillingham, was another highlight of the show, with her innocent manner and angelic voice; she left the crowd in awe.

All of the characters had amazing voices and there are definitely excellent singers in this production.

Karishma Patel