Take Zap, as a Christmas treat

The Music of Frank Zappa is drifting to Lancashire.

The Music of Frank Zappa
The Music of Frank Zappa

Banned from Utopia perform at King George’s Hall in Blackburn on Saturday, December6.

Frank Zappa remains one of the 20th century’s most obscure acclaimed composers.

His work spans more than 80 albums and is by far the most voluminous and versatile of his generation – encompassing jazz as well as avant-garde and orchestral music.

To mark the 21 years which have passed since Zappa’s death on December 4 1993, a whole bunch of his most popular collaborators have banded to turn “his multi-dimensional compositions from syllabus material at the music academies into blistering experiences in the world’s concert venues again”.

The Band From Utopia, referring to Frank Zappa’s
album The Man From Utopia, first performed together – at the Stuttgart Jazz Open which was televised in Germany – shortly after Zappa’s untimely death in 1993.

Having played on Mothers/Zappa albums, the musicians of this virtuoso fusion ensemble are performing classics from all eras.

Advance Ticket: £15

Door Ticket: £18