Subhumans roll back the years

First up on a punk-packed bill was Preston-formed Anarka & Poppy, here to play their final show after some 32 years.

Subhumans Pictures courtesy of
Subhumans Pictures courtesy of

They ran through a set of the anarcho-punk for which they are renowned, songs filled with socio-political anger and memorable choruses.

Although the sound was not the best – feedback from the guitar and a bit chaotic in places – the three piece delivered a fine performance.

Manchester’s Kill Pretty followed, with a tight set drawing on a wide range of punk influences.

Not quite sure I got it and would probably need to see this band again to appreciate them, but they did deliver excellent bass riffs and possessed a frontman who definitely had presence – which led to a fun show.

Headliners were the legendary Subhumans.

Where the previous two bands had pulled in a good sized crowd, the room filled for the Subhumans.

Formed in Wiltshire in 1980 this band showed they have not lost their edge.

Ripping through a back catalogue of tracks these stalwarts of the genre gave the crowd exactly what they came for, classic anarcho-punk.

They had an excellent sound, the set was tight and each song was delivered at an energetic pace.

Vocalist Dick Lucas bounced around the stage and the crowd bounced with him, both sides singing each politically fuelled track with the same passion and importance as if it was written yesterday.

Every credit to They Eat Culture and The Continental for putting these gigs on.

In the current climate of venues closing in Preston it is important there are promoters and pubs out there to keep the music scene alive and, most importantly, varied in our city.