Soulfly, Lody Kong, Nihilism Incarnate

53 Degrees, Preston

By James Rogers
Friday, 11th July 2014, 4:17 pm
53 Degrees: Soulfly
53 Degrees: Soulfly

First on the bill were local boys Nihilism Incarnate.

Although they only played a half-hour set they, blasted through an array of songs with a brutal enthusiasm.

This progressive death metal outfit have a strong, solid rhythm section that play technical riffs with tight accuracy.

Vocalist/growler Craig Forshaw spent the majority of the gig in the pit interacting with the crowd.

On the final song of their set Dark Matter Craig took to the stage conducting the band and the crowd in the grand finale.

This was the lads biggest gig to date, and although there were a few glitches they proved they are worthy to take the stage and hold their own with the big names.

Nihilism Incarnate are certainly a band to keep an eye in the future.

Not knowing much about Lody Kong, other than two of them being the offspring of Soulfly and ex-Sepultura’s Max Cavalera, I was impressed with how musically efficient these young guys were.

Playing a combination of thrash/hardcore that is raw and primitive they are definitely following in their fathers footsteps.

Not surprisingly you can hear influences from Sepultura’s Chaos A.D album and with a distinct sound from the early 90s’ era of metal they played a set of heavy riffs that were catchy and memorable.

Soulfly hit the stage greeted by a large crowd.

Immediately from them entering you got a sense they meant business.

Opening with the track Bloodshed from the latest album Savages, they set the precedent for the rest of the show.

With a good quality sound they treated the audience to their brand of heavy guitars, gruff vocals and raging drums.

With a back catalogue of songs and the new album Soulfly had more than enough tracks to entertain the crowd.

Even throwing in some Sepultura favourites to ignite the audience with songs like Refuse Resist and Territory.

With guitarist/vocalist Max Cavalera commanding the crowd to bounce, the only question was how high. From football chants to a blast of Iron Maiden’s The Trooper Soulfly achieved what Brazil couldn’t and left the playing field victors.