Some like it Hotpots...

Ben Smith speaks to the Lancashire Hotpots ahead of this Saturday’s gig in Chorley

By The Newsroom
Friday, 4th April 2014, 1:00 pm
The Lancashire Hotpots
The Lancashire Hotpots

Our favourite flat-capped five piece, well renowned for singing about turning emo and chippy teas, are yet again set to steamroll the county with a barrage of comical outtakes on life.

The Lancashire Hotpots play the Park Hall Hotel in Chorley this Saturday before embarking on tour, beginning May 10 at The Clitheroe Grand.

The tour includes an impressive mainstage appearance at Kendal Calling festival alongside Suede, De La Soul and the Happy Mondays.

Glastonbury features on the band’s previous destinations, while they also boast a number one hit on the iTunes comedy download charts.

The Hotpots show no sign of stopping, consistently delivering witty relatable material from their own unique perspective on Lancashire and British culture, including I Fear Ikea, The Wigan Church of Pies and, most recently, The Flappy Bird song.

Fans include comedian Paddy McGuinness, who branded them the “Spinal Tap of folk music” and Radio 6’s Steve Lamacq, who is an avid fan of the folk heroes.

The Hotpots are keeping it close to home in their native North West with shows coming up in Chorley and Keswick before taking off on their Summertime Special tour with dates in Clitheroe, Lancaster, Blackpool and Bury, leading to the grand 
finale in Southport.

CarFest, in support of BBC’s Children in Need, is then the band’s next port of call, alongside acts such as Jools Holland, Erasure and Eliza Doolittle,­ before rounding up the summer at Penrith’s Kendal Calling.

And it’s no wonder, with their brand of folk music that hails some of Lancashire’s finest commodities, what The Hotpots hold dearest – real ale and pies.

Bernard Thresher – vocals, guitar, ukelele and drums, was on hand for a chat before The Hotpot’s Chorley date this Saturday.

Whats’s your previous experience of playing in Chorley?

“The bad experience, honestly, was a few years back when we played at the Chorley Little Theatre and someone pulled out a baseball bat in the crowd!”

On your website you’ve written for a night of puppets, pirates, congas and much more, what’s that all about?

“It is what it is really, although not with the plural ‘s’, there will be a puppet, there will be a pirate and a conga. We should probably change it before people startto get excited.”

You’ve got a new song about Flappy Bird, can we expect anymore new material?

“We’ve been working on a new song and a greatest hits album”.

And are there any new trends or current ongoings that have caught your eye and could possibly inspire a new song?

“There’s one we’re writing at the moment about people who wear their jeans below their waist. They wear them from what I can only describe as just above the area. I’ve seen lads who’ve just tied a piece of string around their jeans. Just get a belt!”

The Summertime Special tour is being played across Lancashire, are there any places you particularly look forward to?

“Blackpool, that’s the one isn’t it, with the freezing wind in your face, loads of places to drink and there’s always someone passed out in the street with a bottle of White Lighting at 2 o’oclock in the afternoon. But that’s what you expect from Blackpool; it’s great!”

Who are you looking forward to see at Kendal Calling?

“The wife wants to go and see Suede but I want to be in the dance tent with a pint of ale and my sandals on listening to some drum and bass.”

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