Solitary men mark birthday

SolitaryRampage at The Blitz

Friday, 5th December 2014, 11:21 am

Solitary took to the stage to a less than packed crowd at the Blitz nightclub.

However, this did not discourage them from treating the crowd to a loud night of thrash metal.

Celebrating their 20th anniversary and promoting new live album, ‘I Promise to Thrash Forever’, the band played tracks from their previous two albums, ‘Requiem’ and ‘Nothing Changes’ with a few covers from thrash giants such as Sacred Reich and Metallica thrown in for good measure.

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Musically the band are technically proficient and leave no room for mistakes.

An energetic stage presence, they ripped through the set list.

The sound was clear and filled the room.

They looked confident and in control. These seasoned veterans of the thrash metal genre have countless gigs under their belt, but show no slowing down in the drive they have for the music.

20 years on and Solitary have shown they have not lost any enthusiasm or commitment for the scene they have been a part of for so long.