Raise a glass to raise some brass for Hall

Lytham HallLytham Hall
Lytham Hall
Raise a toast to 1764.

That’s the year Lytham Hall was built and the name of an ale brewed to celebrate its 250th anniversary.

By showing their support by sinking some 7,000 of pints of “Lytham Hall 1764 ” - described as a very pale, blonde 4.0% ale with a long lasting creamy white head - beer lovers have also

been boosting the Hall renovation fund.

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The St Annes-based brewery donated barrels of the beer at the Hall’s popular tea room – with the full price of a pint sold on the premises going to fund the hall repairs – amounting to hundreds of pounds!

And an additional £5 per cask is being given by the brewery to the Hall for every one of the 100 or more firkins of their unique beer, it sells.

The beer has been produced by father and son team Andrew and James Booker at their booming micro brewery operation in Lord Street, St Annes.