PCW’s Steven Fludder - Charity show for Kris Travis

Last week has been an interesting one.
PCW owner Steven FludderPCW owner Steven Fludder
PCW owner Steven Fludder

Now I must admit I have a bad habit where I spend far too long on Facebook. On Tuesday I was banned for posting a joke photo of a kettle where the reflection if you look very close showed the photographer to be naked. So this resulted in a three day ban. The plus side is what do I do besides winding people up when they have emotional breakdowns on social media? Go to the gym! So yes I have been most days some times two times a day to try shift my Christmas belly.

Also last week I was over the moon at finally getting a large batch of high quality crash mats for the academy. Now I was pricing these up at around £100+ per mat and I have looked on ebay for best part of a year for some local to appear. This last week I managed to bid on and win sixteen mats for £700. That’s over £900 saved so I see that as a good result and the fact they are brand new and exactly what I was looking for is awesome.

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So apart from that it has been a slow news week. I have been working on things for my next show which is a charity show for Kris Travis. All the staff and talent are working for free and all the money will go to helping Kris a PCW wrestler battle cancer. Talent and staff from all over the UK are pulling together on January 23rd to help Kris. If you want to attend then tickets are on sale at Home — Preston City Wrestling

This week will be more interesting with me getting keys for the Academy so I will tell you more then.

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