One man went to mow - 874 miles - to create a new Guinness World Record

Andy Maxfield is officially a cut above the rest after claiming a new world record for riding a lawnmower the length of Britain.

Friday, 3rd August 2018, 5:00 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd August 2018, 5:03 pm
Andy Maxwell shows off his Guinness World Record certificate
Andy Maxwell shows off his Guinness World Record certificate

The 48-year-old from Inskip near Preston became the first man to drive an unmodified sit-on mower from John O’Groats to Lands End, setting a new benchmark of five days, eight hours and 36 minutes.

And now his non-stop charity marathon, reaching a top speed of almost 10 mph, has been recognised as a Guinness World Record.

“I’m very proud my record attempt was successful,” said Andy, who works at Kirkham Open Prison. “But I couldn’t have done it without the encouragement of my family and my support team.”

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Andy, who can regularly be seen cutting the grass around his village, admits he is a mower nut. He has eight in total, but the machine which he drove on his epic 874.3 mile journey was a 24-horsepower X750 borrowed from manufacturers John Deere.

“It didn’t miss a beat all trip and we didn’t need any of the spare parts we took with us,” said Andy who set out with the hope of raising a modest £1,000 for the Alzheimer’s Society, but has now collected around nine times that.

To be recognised as an official Guinness World Record, Andy’s mower had to be fitted with a tracking system usually used for much larger agricultural machinery. The story of his trek is now on display in the Land’s End Visitor Centre in Cornwall and the British Lawnmower Museum in Stockport.