Offer for PR and FY residents at Jungle Jims

Jungle JimsBlackpool Tower

Tuesday, 25th March 2014, 8:00 am
Entertainment news
Entertainment news

Children’s indoor play areas are a saviour when your kiddies are young, as they provide a haven for boisterous little ones to burn off their energy while relieved parents can breathe a sigh of relief and gulp a well earned cup of coffee.

But as they grow older, children begin to wrinkle their nose in disgust when you suggest going to a play area and dismiss them as “too babyish”.

Our eight-year-olds are at that stage when ordinary indoor play areas fail to satisfy them for long as ball pits and moderate slides just don’t hit the mark any more. However, when we took them to Jungle Jim’s Adventure Playground located inside Blackpool’s Tower, boredom was the last thing on their minds as they disappeared happily into the massive swinging, sliding and climbing play park.

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Jungle Jim’s is set within a themed Lost City with giant Inca Gods guarding the entrance.

Inside, awaiting all brave explorers, is a fun-tastic indoor playground, featuring a huge four lane glide slide, the black slide and ball pools and slides on the lower level softer play area for tiny adventurers.

Best of all, it is all safely enclosed so you can sit and watch your little ones safe in the knowledge they can’t slip out without you noticing.

There was so much to keep our children amused, we barely saw them during their one hour play slot except when they re-appeared for a quick drink stop.

Best of all, there’s plenty to keep the whole family amused at Blackpool Tower which is often described as ‘The Wonderland of the World’.

There are five attractions including Jungle Jims inside the Tower – each one with its own entry fee – or you can buy combination tickets.

The Blackpool Tower Eye includes a 4D cinema experience and the solid glass viewing platform The Skywalk and there is also the Tower Dungeon for the fearless, the circus which opens with a new show next month and the ballroom where you can watch dancers whirl.

Our children enjoyed Jungle Jims so much, we decided to take advantage of an offer being run by the venue offering each an annual pass for £6.50 – a saving of £41.50 on the usual price.

The offer is only available to FY and PR residents and you need passport size photographs and proof of address.

It runs out on March 31.