New sandwich shop impresses

Carter’s - 445 Blackpool Road, Preston

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 18th April 2015, 9:00 am
Carters - 445 Blackpool Road, Preston
Carters - 445 Blackpool Road, Preston

Carter’s sandwich bar is a new addition to Ashton, housed, with a slight touch of irony, in a former slimming shop.

Not that the wares here will necessarily scupper your diet, as there are a range of salads alongside the sandwiches, wraps and cake.

The family-run shop is open for breakfast and lunch, with sausage sandwiches the advertised breakfast speciality.

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For lunch I went for their hot chicken wrap – big chunks of hot chicken and salad, plus some added jalapenos (for an extra 40p) inside a wrap 
which was then toasted on the griddle.

And very tasty it was too, juicy and tender chicken and salad, with some added zing from the peppers it made for a very satisfying sandwich.

The cakes on offer the day that I visited were not baked in store, and I would 
suggests Carter’s either start some home baking or change their supplier, as my piece of lemon cake was massively disappointing.

A block of dry-as-sawdust sponge cake with no discernible flavour of lemon, it was topped with a slab of icing that closely resembled sweetened lard.

The wrap, plus cake and a bottle of Coke came to a reasonable £5.

There are also various special offers on breakfast deals and children’s lunches, and check out their Facebook page for more obscure offers, such as ‘say the word purple and get a free bag of crisps’ which was running last week.

All in all I would say Carter’s is a welcome addition to the neighbourhood, and as long as you stick to food made on site you should get a great lunch.

Emma Pearson

Star rating: 7/10