Maximum R&B to a T

The Welsh T Band, BJ’s Rock in the Blues, The Minstrel

Sunday, 31st May 2015, 12:00 pm
The Welsh T Band
The Welsh T Band

Making their debut at BJ’s Rock in the Blues Club at The Minstrel in Eaves Green at long last were The Welsh T Band.

They crossed the border from Yorkshire and performed some hot classic rock/blues along with some original material from their new CD entitled Where The Road Leads.

John Terry, aka Welsh T, the founder of the band on lead vocal and guitar was absolutely superb.

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On lead guitar was Kevin “Geetar”Ackroyd, a musician of the highest order. His solos and riffs were brilliant, making him the cornerstone of the band.

The rhythm section was well stocked too with David Hoyle on bass guitar and Greg Gallagher on drums, making sure all was faultless in the engine room.

The core of the band have been gigging on the pub circuit for 15 years and have also performed at music festivals including the Colne R&B festival .

The original songs of the album performed by the band were Lucky Man, Sweet Shop, April Fool Blues, I Don’t Know, How Much, It’s Cold Outside, Place in my Heart and the title song Where The Road Leads.

The classics performed included Mojo Working, Before You Accuse Me, If My Baby Quit Me, Albatross, Need Your Love So Bad, The Sky is Crying and many more.

The crowd enjoyed the music and danced the night away, as another great night for live music came to a close.

The Welsh T Band will certainly be welcome back.

Keith Blackledge