Lovely Eggs hatch their new plot

After a break, Lancaster duo Lovely Eggs – AKA married couple Holly Ross and David Blackwell – return to the live scene this week, supporting The Pastels at the New Continental. Judith Dornan asks Holly what they’ve been up to.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 25th July 2013, 5:00 pm
Lovely Eggs
Lovely Eggs

Why have Lovely Eggs been on hiatus for a few months?

We have had a baby boy! His name is Arlo and he’s three months old now so we’ve not been playing out live this year cos we’ve have him to contend with. Just starting back doing gigs this summer.

One of your early songs was recently in a Panasonic ad?

They contacted us to ask us if we could use one of our songs. We were skint so said yes and yeah we’ve now got a big posh new telly in our front room. CRT is the latest model, right?”

Your video are low budget. What would you do if money was no object?

Making ace videos isn’t really about money, it’s more about ideas.

If we had an endless budget, we’d probably still film in Morecambe – and then bog off on holiday to the Maldives!

Did you really lose a cap in Preston, as described in Panic Plants?

What would you panic most about leaving behind on tour?

Most of our songs are true. David left his cap in Preston after playing a gig with 3D Tanx at the Mad Ferret.

It actually happened and, yeah, he did panic about it because it was his favourite cap!

The item we most panic about leaving behind when we’re on tour is the rider, of course!

Recent single, ‘Allergies’ had some psychedelic touches, 
sitars and backwards vocals. Is this a new direction?

We very much like the 1960s.

We have a sitar and David knows how to use it.

You rehearse in Lancaster Music Co-Op and must hear a few local bands.

Who is the best?

We can’t say that! All our friends are in bands and they are all great.

You recently added football scarves to your merchandise. Have you got any plans for other Lovely Eggs branded items, like Kiss?

When we come up with something, we’ll make it.

Do you have any new songs and will they be in the set at the Continental?

We’ll be playing a mixture really.

Some new ones off our new album Wildlife and then some old school adverts.

The show with the Pastels is also an awareness-raiser for Preston Ladyfest, which is in October. Have you played or attended a Ladyfest before? 

We played Ladyfest 
Manchester a while ago with The Slits.

And, in my other band 
Angelica, we played many 
Ladyfests in places like London and Glasgow.

We love Ladyfests – always really well organised and friendly and some amazing bands playing.

Great DIY community punk rock spirit!

Lovely Eggs support the Pastels at Preston’s New 
Continental tomorrow.

Tickets are £10.