Living in a material world

In My Closet, Sana Zinga, 18, from DeepdaleIn My Closet, Sana Zinga, 18, from Deepdale
In My Closet, Sana Zinga, 18, from Deepdale
Wayne Hemingway this week announced he is to bring his Vintage by the Sea Festival back to Lancashire this September.

The two-day event is a celebration of the urge for individuality and dressing sharp.

Fashion has always existed as a medium for personal expression, but when others are expressing themselves in the same dress as yours it takes away from your look and moves towards repetition.

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Sana Zinga, an undergraduate fashion design student at the University of Central Lancashire from Deepdale, is creating made-to-order dresses, where customers can show Sana exactly what they want, or work alongside her to make the garments.

These dresses would be designed and created especially for you – a true original.

Sana aspires to make her dreams of opening her own boutique into a reality.

In the future she would love to have her own designer label and design for special occasions.

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“I have always been interested in looking the best in what I wear since I was young, I have always used to ask my dad to open a boutique for me and it’s just something that has never left my mind.”

“I’d love to design for red carpet events, glitz and glam is my thing!”

Although she has always been interested in fashion, it wasn’t until recently that she did something about it and changed her university course from pharmacy to fashion design.

The 18-year-old said: “After I left school I decided to leave my love for fashion as a hobby rather than a career, but five weeks into my pharmacy course at university, I decided I wanted to go with my heart and do something I am passionate about.’

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“I absolutely love studying fashion; it’s the best decision I ever made.

“I have a placement year in industry for my third year at university which is something I’m really excited about.

“My favourite part of the course is the pattern cutting and sewing module. It’s what I enjoy the most.

“In the core part of the course we have a designing project which is based on research I did on the opera; this is the part of the course I find most challenging but rewarding nonetheless.”

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Blogs are Sana’s go-to for style inspiration, her favourite being Fashiontoast by Rumi Neely.

She also regularly uses Instagram for fashion tips and likes to stalk Miroslava Duma’s fashion musings.

She doesn’t like to stick to one particular style of dressing and likes to mix it up a little.

“I am constantly mixing and matching pieces in my wardrobe and changing my style.

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“I can go from beautiful high heels and block platforms to wearing Nike Air Max’s or Converse trainers.

“I switch between going for classic looks to trendy over-the-top fashion pieces.”

Knowing the runway trends and designers is vital for aspiring designers, Sana Zinga tells us what catwalk collections have caught her eye this season.

“At the minute I’m loving Alexander McQueen and Balmain.

“I love the glam evening dresses by McQueen and I am in awe with the silhouettes, shapes and heavy detailing which Balmain possesses.”

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Shopping is one of her favourite things to do whether it be for clothes or material for her designs. She talks us through her shopping regime and where her favourite stores are.

“I love shopping at Topshop, River island and Zara.

“I have recently been shopping at the designer outlet in Cheshire Oaks a lot, and have failed to come home empty handed. There is always a good buy waiting for me.”

Despite using the internet for searching through her favourite blogs, Sana would much rather stay away from using the internet for shopping online.

“I don’t enjoy online shopping as much as actually going shopping in stores. It takes away the fun of it.

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“I visit London often and the places I love to shop at are Camden and Portobello market along with Spittlefield’s market.

“What draws me towards these markets is the fact that you can find lots of little individual boutiques.

“My all-time favourite coat was from Spittlefields market.

“I always love a statement necklace, and the one pictured was from a boutique in Preston town centre called Coco Boo; it’s gold and makes any outfit look so elegant and beautiful.”

Sana also loves to shop for unusual materials.

“I do like to make clothes for myself if it’s for a special occasion.

“I have a picture in my head of what I want – and I just make it.”