Here is where you can do aerial hoop yoga in Lancashire

A form of fitness performed in a hoop suspended from the floor

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 8th November 2018, 3:24 pm
Aerial hoop fitness
Aerial hoop fitness

Why: Aerial hoop fitness is described as a challenging yet fun workout routine that combines strength training, aerial arts, and acrobatic movementsHow it works: Participants use a suspended steel hoop, much like a hula hoop, but rigged by one or two points and may have evolved from the high wire and trapeze swinging acts. Each class should involve a warm up, conditioning, hoop tricks, transitions and combos, building to a choreographed routine, finishing with a cool down and stretches. The instructor will demonstrate new tricks, moving around the room to spot students. Benefits: Aerial hoop fitness is a fun activity which burns between 300-500 calories per session. It improves core strength, stability and balance and is excellent for toning arms, abs and bums. One invert in the hoop is equivalent to approximately 20 sit ups. It build endurance and improves joint mobility.

Give it a go at:

CirqueFit: CrossFit, Marathon Place, Moss Side, Leyland. One-hour classes every Sunday 3pm and 4.15pm. Pay as you go £9 each session; £30 four weeks or eight weeks £50.

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Desire Aerial Studio: Unit D, Ashton Business Park, Raglan Street, Preston. One-hour sessions only available on Mondays 7pm (available). Sessions at 8pm; Wednesdays 6pm until 7pm are all booked up. Pay as you go £8, Six sessions £40. Four is £28.

Cloud Aerial Arts: Dean Mill, Plumbe Street, in Burnley. Classes run Mondays - Thursdays 6 and 9pm, Saturdays 1pm. £7 a session (book online). Cash payments are £10 to cover admin. Four weeks is £25 in Burnley.

Chorley Pole Fitness Studios: Crosse Hall Street, Chorley. Tuesdays 6pm or Thursdays 8pm. £27.50 for four sessions. Private lessons available.