Healthy option for New Year lbs & £££s

Turkish DelightPreston Road, Leyland

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 24th January 2015, 2:00 pm
Turkish Delight: Chicken kebab
Turkish Delight: Chicken kebab

I like to think of myself as fairly open minded and will try anything once, within reasonable boundaries of taste, style and legality.

So it may come as a surprise to some to learn I have never succumbed to a kebab.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m no stranger to a bit of post-pub grub.

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There’s something about the smell of chips or a juicy burger that seems so appealing late at night, especially if the night in question is a Friday.

But Fridays in January aren’t like Fridays any other time of year.

For a start we’re economising and it’s not a frugality reserved for our wallets – we’re watching the lbs as well as the pounds.

We’re watching the booze too.

All these factors make the usual weekend takeaway seem off the menu. Pizza, too carby. Chips, too fatty. Curry – just too much of everything.

But hang on, a chicken kebab can’t be too bad...

Can it?

With an intrepid new spirit of adventure I decided to give it a try. Grilled chicken, salad and a pitta. That’s practically health food isn’t it?

We placed an order through Just Eat with Turkish Delight, in Preston Road, Leyland.

Two chicken kebabs, mine with garlic mayo and his with chilli sauce.

It arrived in just over half an hour. A swift service which probably owes a good deal to everyone else’s healthy eating plans. Two bites in my husband – much more experienced in these matters – declared it was “probably the best kebab he’s ever had.”

And he’s been to Morocco.

The chicken was beautifully barbecued to give a delicate smoky flavour, and the meat just melted in the mouth.

The salad had stayed crispy and the pitta was lovely and fresh. I have to admit, I’m converted.

We also ordered a bottle of diet coke to wash it down.

The order came to £9.80 and qualified for free delivery and a garlic bread, which despite my best efforts proved irresistible.

A quick Google search tells me a medium chicken kebab in pitta with salad and mayonnaise contains around 325 calories, which leaves just one question: What took me so long?

Rachel Smith

Star rating: 9/10