Guitar legend Gordon Giltrap heads back to city

Acoustic guitar legend Gordon Giltrap is returning to Preston for Second Intimate Gig.

Thursday, 28th August 2014, 11:17 am
Gordon Giltrap
Gordon Giltrap

He will be in the city on October 25 for his second sold-out show at St Joseph’s Parish Hall after playing in the hall last June.

He was originally invited to play in the city by local resident Francis Lawson and his friend Brendan Cook.

Francis and Brendan, who go by Fran and Bren, became Giltrap fans after the release of his album Visionary in 1976. Years ago, after they met at one of his concerts.

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Giltrap extended an invitation to play in Preston if they ever rented a venue.

And he kept his promise last summer when he made his way to Preston to perform for a small crowd of around 100 local fans.

Giltrap began his career more than 45 years ago and has released more than 30 albums over the years.

With his own personal style, he’s perfected his sound and played with the likes of Brian May, Rick Wakeman and the London Symphony Orchestra.

His range crosses the genres of folk, blues, pop, classical and rock.

Fran is excited for round two after Giltrap’s last performance.

He said: “He’s got quite an extensive back catalog, all acoustic with no vocals. He’s exceptionally gifted.”

“At the last gig he really enjoyed himself and said he would do it again.”

Fran added: “Last year he did a tune called The Dodo’s Dream which uses an effects pedal.

““He’ll do a bass part, and then he’ll make a violin sound by using the strings, then do a lead guitar, and acoustic.

“He does all this using the same guitar. He did this before the interval last time and got a standing ovation.”

This year Fran invited Giltrap back to perform for a second time in Preston at the same venue which Bren originally picked for the event.

Fran and Bren have been busy selling tickets for weeks and Fran has relied on his family to help organise and run the gig which has helped him to cut down on expenses and kept tickets affordable.

Fran added: “It’s giving people who may not have heard of him before, or those who haven’t heard him since the 70’s, a chance to hear him.

“His music is very special to me and if other people can sit there and enjoy it that’s great.

“Last year during the interval one man came up to me and said I’d have paid £100 for this!”

Giltrap is currently re-recording his hit Heartsong and is working on a new album.

“He’s very busy and we’re so lucky to have him again.” says Fran, who hasn’t uled out arranging for a third gig.

Tickets are £10. To join the waiting list (the gig is sold out) can call 01772 717162 during business hours. St Joseph’s Parish Hall opens at 7:15pm the show starts at 8pm.