Film review: The Voices (15, 101 mins)

Black comedy shows exactly why we should all be wary of listening to those voices inside our fridge
The Voices: Gemma Arterton and Ryan ReynoldsThe Voices: Gemma Arterton and Ryan Reynolds
The Voices: Gemma Arterton and Ryan Reynolds

In Marjane Satrapi’s bonkers and bloodthirsty black comedy, a shy factory worker with serious psychological issues projects his voices into the mouths of two pets: a foul-mouthed cat called Mr Whiskers and a king-hearted Bullmastiff called Bosco.

Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) works in the warehouse of Fixture And Faucet International in the sleepy town of Milton. An awkward first date with co-worker Fiona (Gemma Arterton) ends in grisly fashion and Jerry hides her corpse at home.

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Sheriff Weinbacher (Stanley Townsend) identifies the likely perpetrator as an early thirties man, white and lower middle class, who has trouble fitting in.

“That’s you Jerry. Can I have an autograph?” deadpans Mr Whiskers.

Fiona’s colleagues Lisa (Anna Kendrick), Alison (Ella Smith), John (Adi Shankar) and Dave (Sam Spruell) become concerned about her whereabouts, while Jerry’s mood is poisoned by the talking head in his fridge.

Horror/Comedy/Romance. Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton

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