Film review: Tarzan 3D (PG, 99 min)

The oldest swinger in town

Friday, 2nd May 2014, 10:00 am
Tarzan 3D: Tarzan, voiced by Kellan Lutz
Tarzan 3D: Tarzan, voiced by Kellan Lutz

Since his debut on the pages of a 1912 magazine, Edgar Rice Burroughs’s fictional ape man has swung into the affections of successive generations thanks to re-imaginings on the small and big screens.

Now it falls to German filmmaker Reinhard Klooss to put a modern spin on the tale.

Don’t be misled by the colourful visuals of this computer-animated adventure and early scenes of comical monkey business.

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This adaptation isn’t a cutesy caper aimed predominantly at children. Tragedy stalks every frame and a couple of sequences, which result in the demise of pivotal characters, could be too scary for the very young.

In summary, an unhappy marriage of something old, something new and something that leaves us blue.

Animation/Action/Romance. Featuring the voices of Kellan Lutz, Spencer Locke, Trevor St John, Mark Deklin, Jaime Ray Newman, Robert Capron, Brian Bloom, Les Bubb. Director: Reinhard Klooss.