TV Choice: Streaming and downloading

What to watch??? If you spare a minute here's the pick of the the stuff 'out there' from Saturday April 21.
Girls Trip on Sky Cinema.Girls Trip on Sky Cinema.
Girls Trip on Sky Cinema.

BBC iPlayer: Stephen: The Murder That Changed A Nation

This landmark three-part documentary plunges viewers into the story of Britain’s most notorious racially-motivated murder. 25 years ago, on 22 April, a black teenager, Stephen Lawrence was murdered at a bus stop by a group of white youths in an unprovoked attack.

BBC Three: Fried

Sitcom about the daily lives of the disgruntled employees at Seriously Fried Chicken - Croydon’s worst fried chicken chain. We follow the group as they navigate the greasy world of nugget vending, all under the watchful gaze of Mary, their eternally optimistic, but ineffectual manager.

Sky Box Sets: The Leftovers: Seasons 1-3

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Based on the best-selling novel by Tom Perrotta, this mysterious drama centres on the small town of Mapleton, New York, three years after 140 million people – two per cent of the world’s population – disappeared without a trace. Those left behind attempt to get on with their lives.

Prime Video: The Crossing

Refugees from a war-torn country 250 years in the future start showing up to seek asylum in an American town. People are found on the beach, some living, some not, with dozens more floating in the water. They claim to be from a hellish future where mutant humans are exterminating the rest of us.

Netflix: Mercury 13

Mercury 13 is a remarkable story of the women who were tested for spaceflight in 1961 before their dreams were dashed. NASA’s ‘man in space’ program, dubbed ‘Project Mercury’ began in 1958. The men chosen - all military test pilots - became known as The Mercury 7. But away from the glare of the media, behind firmly closed doors, female pilots were also screened.

Sky Cinema: Girls Trip (2017, Sky 15)

Charisma and on-screen chemistry prove a winning formula in this acclaimed comedy, a raucous yet warm-hearted road movie.

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Directed by Malcolm D Lee, it follows the four members of the ‘Flossy Posse’ as they reconnect for a wild New Orleans weekend.

Author and lifestyle guru Ryan (Regina Hall) has to be in the Big Easy for a work event, so decides to invite her old college besties – celebrity gossip blogger Sasha (Queen Latifah), uptight single mum Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith) and loose-cannon party girl Dina (a scene-stealing Tiffany Haddish) – along for the ride.

Cue booze-fuelled chaos.Sky Cinema on demand and Sky Cinema Premiere from Friday, April 27.

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