The Last Man on the Moon: Explores Cernan's life far from Earth

History has immortalised Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin as the first men to set foot on the surface of the moon, but it's harder to recall the last astronaut of an Apollo landing, who stepped out of a lunar module and made giant leaps across the ghostly terrain.
Commander Eugene CernanCommander Eugene Cernan
Commander Eugene Cernan

Mark Craig's documentary hopes to shine the spotlight on a forgotten hero: Commander Eugene Cernan of the Apollo 17 mission.

Incorporating archive footage of Cernan at the launch pad at Cape Kennedy, The Last Man On The Moon explores Cernan's life far from Earth and back home at his Texas ranch, where memories of 1972 linger.

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Former astronauts Alan Bean and Dick Gordon from Apollo 12 and Commander Jim Lovell from Apollo 13 contribute to this celebration of human endeavour against the odds, which has not been repeated for more than 40 years.

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