Only Fools and Horses, Fawlty Towers and Blackadder top list of TV shows people would like to see make a comeback

New research has revealed the shows Brits wish would make a return to the box with brand new episodes, with Only Fools and Horses taking the top spot for over a third of those surveyed (34 percent).

By Jon Peake
Thursday, 16th September 2021, 2:43 pm
Fawlty Towers came in second on the list
Fawlty Towers came in second on the list

The nation would also like to see Fawlty Towers (28 percent) back on their screens, as well as Blackadder (22 percent) and Sherlock (21 percent).

Unsurprisingly Friends also made the list of shows we would like to see new episodes of (22 percent), followed by Father Ted (21 percent) and Porridge (20 percent).

Prime Suspect also made the list (19 percent), as did police drama The Bill (19 percent) and Keeping Up Appearances (18 percent).

Other telly favourites to make the list included The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (17 percent), London’s Burning (17 percent) and Star Trek (17 percent).

Classic British TV shows such as Heartbeat (15 percent) and The Office (14 percent) featured in the TV wish list, along with Last of the Summer Wine (14 percent), Stars in their Eyes (14 percent) and Shameless (14 percent).

The research of 1,500 Brits also reveals that one in ten (12 percent) would like to see school drama Grange Hill return to their screens, while 11 percent would love to see popular soap Brookside make a comeback.

12 percent want to see the Generation Game, famously presented by the late Bruce Forsyth, back on their screens, while one in ten are still missing smash hit series Footballers Wives and nine percent would like to see Bristol based teen drama Skins make a return.

Angie Mee, Director of Content Partnerships at Freesat, who conducted the research said: “As telly experts, we were thrilled to investigate and find out exactly which of the best loved TV shows the public would most like to see back on our screens.

"The results clearly show the power of comedy over multiple decades, with all of us seeking the light relief of laughing along to our favourite sitcom, but we also found classic telly shows from Star Trek to Grange Hill would be welcomed back by fans too.”

With so many British shows featuring on the list, it’s no surprise that 69 percent of the nation agrees that Britain makes some of the best TV in the world.

The research found that half the nation would like to see these shows return simply because there’s nothing like them currently on TV.

Four in ten (41 percent) say they think they were more interesting than shows on the box today, while 38 percent admit they find them to be nostalgic.

In fact, 89 percent say that watching their favourite old shows is good for the soul.

However, 56 percent agree that for shows to make a comeback, it’s important that the same vibe and outlook remains, while one third (34 percent) say it’s essential that all the original actors return too.

And although there’s plenty of shows the nation would like to see back on their screens, 77 percent would worry they just wouldn’t live up to the originals.

64 percent go as far as saying it’s just not worth bringing back shows which are so brilliant.

One third of Brits admit they think the eighties was the best time for TV, although 27 percent argue that the nineties was the best decade for telly.

So it’s no surprise that 58 percent of the nation think TV was BETTER when they were kids.

Meanwhile 69 percent argue that TV is an art form which just doesn’t get the respect it deserves.


Only Fools and Horses 34%

Fawlty Towers 28%

Blackadder 22%

Friends 22%

Sherlock 21%

Father Ted 21%

Porridge 20%

Prime Suspect 19%

The Bill 19%

Keeping Up Appearances 18%

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 17%

London’s Burning 17%

Star Trek 16%

Heartbeat 15%

The A-Team 15%

The Office 14%

The Young Ones 14%

Minder 14%

Last of the Summer Wine 14%

Stars in their Eyes 14%

Shameless 14%

Bread 13%

Gladiators 13%

Life on Mars 13%

Knight Rider 12%

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 12%

Grange Hill 12%

It’s a Knockout 12%

The Generation Game 11%

Baywatch 11%

Brookside 11%

Dallas 10%

Footballers’ Wives 10%

Whose Line Is It Anyway10%

Cheers 10%

Dukes of Hazzard 10%

Hi-di-hi 10%

Robin of Sherwood 9%

Blake’s Seven 9%

Skins 9%

Hart to Hart 9%

Eurotrash 8%

The Wire 8%

The Big Breakfast 7%

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century 7%