Norm of the North: One for the kids

Norm of the NorthNorm of the North
Norm of the North
A polar bear selflessly embarks on a quest to save his diminishing Arctic home from devastation in Trevor Wall's ecologically minded computer animation.

Norm (voiced by Rob Schneider) isn't like other polar bears: he can't hunt seals but he can perform a crazy dance called the Arctic Shake, which makes him feel great.

Out of the blue, marketing director Vera Brightly (Heather Graham) arrives in the winter wonderland to shoot a commercial for her boss, billionaire property developer Mr Greene (Ken Jeong), who intends to desecrate the landscape with a series of luxury condos.

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Norm is horrified and his good friend and mentor, Socrates the seagull (Bill Nighy), convinces the polar bear to make contact with the humans and persuade them to abandon this heinous real estate plan.

A trio of mischievous lemmings accompanies Norm and when the animals arrive in New York, the bear becomes a minor celebrity because humans mistakenly believe he is an actor in a costume.

Norm exploits his newfound media status to save his homeland from destruction.

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