Lindsay creates a film sure to be remembered

A Blackpool woman is preparing to premier her first short film having made the stop from in front of to behind the camera.

Tuesday, 30th August 2016, 11:58 am
Updated Tuesday, 30th August 2016, 1:01 pm
Scenes from Lions, Tigers and Bears, by Lindsay Bennett
Scenes from Lions, Tigers and Bears, by Lindsay Bennett

And Lindsay Bennett has chosen her home town to provide the backdrop and talent for short film Lions, Tigers and Bears which is set to feature as part of the Other World’s Festival later this year.

Actor Lindsay sunk her own cash into the production, which is up for consideration to be screened at 55 other festivals around the world.

The drama short about the fear of being forgotten and the consequences of wanting to be remembered and follows Alfie, a successful but ageing rock star and his manager Juliette who has dedicated her life and career to his success. When Alfie explains that he wants to quit while people still know who he is, Juliette has a bigger plan to make sure his name will always be remembered.

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Scenes from Lions, Tigers and Bears, by Lindsay Bennett

The film was shot at Berlin Studios in Bispham and at Bootleg Social in Topping Street.

And Linsday, 36, a former Greenlands High School Pupil, was keen to get local talent involved.

Blackpool band Sound of Superstring provided the soundtrack with Paul Horrocks from the band taking the role of Alfie.

Lindsay said: “I’d written a couple of solo theatre shows, it seemed a logical progression from acting.

Scenes from Lions, Tigers and Bears, by Lindsay Bennett

“I’ve been involved in a few independent films and I wanted to see if I could make the jump from in front of to behind the camera.

“It’s my first film so I’ve financed it myself which was a big step given I’m due to get married.

“But I wanted to do it and I had a very clear vision.

“I knew I wanted Paul Horrocks for the part.

“We wanted to use local talent.”

A production company from Bolton, which Lindsay had worked with previously as an actor, shot the film with the first-time director adamant everybody should be paid industry rates.

“It was a big undertaking,” said Lindsay.

“But I’m glad we did it.

“It’s a film which deals with some quite serious themes.

“I hope it will be well received.”
Executive producer on the film was Rick Thompson, the man behind Blackpool’s Other World’s Festival.

And he was keen to have Linsday’s film screened as part of the event.

Lions, Tigers and Bears will be shown at the Regal Cinema in Church Street during the festival which runs from October 13 to October 16.

Lindsay, who also co-stars in the short, is hoping her work will be seen in wider circles to.

She said: “It’s been submitted for 55 festivals around the world.

“You never know with those but hopefully we’ll be able to show off what Blackpool has to offer on some international screens.”