23 photos as filming begins for Netflix 'Bank of Dave 2: The Sequel' with 'Downton Abbey' star Hugh Bonneville

Camera crews landed in Burnley yesterday to begin filming for ‘Bank of Dave 2: The Sequel.’

The successor to the Netlflix hit ‘Bank of Dave’ crews arrived early at Banny’s fish and chip restaurant and were filming at the Bank of Dave in Keiry Walk in the town centre where these great photos were taken by Peter Stawicki.

The film, which this time will tell the story of Burnley businessman Dave Fishwick’s attempt to take down payday lenders, is the follow-up to the surprise 2023 hit movie, which charted Dave’s attempt to set up a high street bank. Dave has said the success of the movie and subsequent worldwide exposure has changed his life, and promised that the sequel will be even bigger than the original.

The film put Burnley on the global map last year with Bank of Dave and this sequel promises going to be even bigger and better. Aswell as a selection of locations in Burnley film crews will also be shooting scenes in Colne and the Ribble Valley.

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