Feelgood gig is just what doctor ordered

Dr Feelgood play at The Waterloo next monthDr Feelgood play at The Waterloo next month
Dr Feelgood play at The Waterloo next month
It was that line-up which notched up Dr Feelgood's greatest success '“ a genuine hit single in the shape of Milk and Alcohol.

Pub rock and R ‘n’ B legends Dr Feelgood take centre stage at The Waterloo on February 24.

The band from Canvey Island, Essex, worked its way up from performing in South Coast boozers to headlining festivals and gigs all over the world.

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The original line-up, including guitar legend Wilko Johnson, even scored a No.1 hit with live album Stupidity in the mid-70s.

Wilko Johnson and Lee BrilleauxWilko Johnson and Lee Brilleaux
Wilko Johnson and Lee Brilleaux

After Wilko left the band in acrimonious circumstances, the band continued with frontman Lee Brilleaux and new six stringer Gyp Mayo.

The current band has been touring since Brilleaux’s death from cancer in 1994.

Amazingly, the current Feelgood’s boast none of the original members, although the band has released new material over the last two decades.

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Later in the year the band will support the Stranglers on the punk veteran’s 2019 UK tour.

Feelgood frontman Kevin Morris said: “Our music is rooted in blues and many of the songs that we played that we haven’t written are old blues songs that we tend to play them a bit faster, as you say it’s quite aggressive, but it’s really a rockier rhythm and blues.

We do vary the set, we do a slow blues in there, we do a couple of shuffles, and we play some slide guitar.

“We carry on touring because we all love it. I think it’s a huge privilege to be paid to travel the world and play music and I think it’s absolutely brilliant. I think in the stability thing, we’re all a bit older now so people aren’t quite so tetchy and hot-headed (a reference to Wilko and Lee’s fallout). We all accept each other for who we are and we accept that we are not perfect and we get on with it.”

Tickets cost £15 in advance from the Waterloo and £18 on the door.

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