Morecambe Fringe ends on a high with national awards and final reviews

Morecambe Fringe finished this year's festival, its first three-week run on a high.

By Michelle Blade
Thursday, 4th August 2022, 3:45 pm

Founder Matt Panesh said: “It's taken us five festivals to build to the golden marker, three weeks, but we made it.

“The festival has done so much already. We had ten shows that were developed from practitioners on our Make Your Own Fringe show workshops, and visiting talent from across the country, we recorded twenty shows to be turned into the first Season of 'The West End Playhouse Presents...' to be streamed with GoPixl's in the USA, and we had sixty five shows in total.“A massive thanks to all our volunteers and supporters without whom the festival wouldn't have made it to this stage.

“And after the last two years of uncertainty we look forward to next year, and to welcoming back the new friends we made this time round!”

Andy Q.

NATIONAL AWARDSBest Musical: VelodyBest Musical Comedy: Angela Bra and Annie SupBest Poet: David Lee MorganBest Spoken Word Show: Poets, Prattlers and Pandemonialist'sBest Comedy: Becky FuryBest Kids Show: Philip SimonBest Literary Adaption: John Slater

Reviews:STELLA GRAHAM: ‘PORCUPINE'ComedyPresenting new material from her brand new stand-up show, Stella deflates modern anger with some sharp, seriously funny humour as she contemplates her candidacy for ‘anger management’ therapy. Switching between stand-up to elements of physical sketch comedy, the performance is visualised in a way that invites the audience into thenarrative. With the crowd instantly on her side and hooked by her charm, the audience willingly engage with her show, curious to know the path her ‘therapy' journey takes. From modern trends, social media to personal relationships, Stella's honesty and openness generates endless smiles and laughter. It feels like an act that has the skill to take any audience on many hilarious adventures.Rating:4/5Reviewer: Emily Laycock

ROBIN BOOT: ‘ROCKOMEDY: PUNAWAY TRAIN'ComedyClassic rock anthems are skilfully reworked with an inventive turn of phrase in Robin Boot's high-energy musical comedy show. An equally impressive and skilled musician and singer, there’s a lot to balance within this show - switching between music and sketch comedy, observational humour, surreal gags and puns, rock performer and audience host – but the balance is expertly there. For those rock fans, there are subtleties in the humour and references to be discovered, whilst non-rock fans will simply be entertainedthroughout. Robin cleverly works the audience into the show at key points, a confident leading character, but at all times leaving room for his audience bandmates to share in the experience of the show.With some daring and outrageous wordplay, this is perhaps not for those who aren’t yet ready to channel the definitive spirit of sex, puns and rock n roll. But for those that are, go immerse yourself in this enjoyable show, that’s sure to your feed and embrace your inner rock soul.Rating: 4/5Reviewer: Emily Laycock

Of Goblins, Jesus and the Wind.Spoken wordRowland Crowland Rowland swiftly proved he is both a consummate performer and accomplished Poet making a tour de force performance. Using poetry from his many writings, including his latest book “Word Dancing”, he took everyone on a journey through the streets of Manchester and onward into the labyrinth of his imagination. His exuberance entrancedthe audience with poetic tales about goblins, Jesus, chip shops, the wind and the sea. A pure delight from start to finish.Rating 4/5Reviewer: Susan Griffin

Adam Flood.

‘LAW! HUH! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR?’ComedyChris KehoeA distinctive comedic style that manages to creatively blend modern references, observational thoughts and hilarious anecdotes. Chris Kehoe's stand-up show rebels against the trappings and frustrations of modern technology, cultural trends and politics. Each anecdote glides with ease into the next as Chris guides you through his stand-up setwith an endearing warmth and unique wit. A confident, natural performer with a sixth sense on how to work the room and engage the audience. This act stays in your mind long after you’ve experienced it. Exciting and enjoyable to watch. For anyone who wants to see a truly brilliant comedic talent.Rating: 5/5Reviewer: Emily Laycock

The Palace of Earthly DelightsComedy StorytellingJames HarrisComplex content delivered with a comical flare. Although younger than the target audience, I was fixated on the enthusiasm and energy given to the telling of the tale. With in-depth descriptions and many twists and turns, The Palace of Earthly Delights is a vivid insight into the more abstract parts of the human mind and, in general, gives theaudience a good chuckle. Even if you didn't necessarily follow the plot of the show, you can appreciate the writing talent and effort put into the performance. A mix between your deepest imagination and a Hollywood Sci-fi film.Rating 4/5Reviewer: Chloe Jane Hurst

An Actor's Life for MeStorytellingJohn SlaterAn enigmatic storyteller, achieving a delightful balance of humour and nostalgia. His voice and manner have a captivating quality that draws you in. He takes you on his personal journey from a young child who loves to entertain to gaining professional status. Along the way he shares his passion and love of writing, singing and performing. A mix of memories, this performance is both entertaining and educational. As with all good storytellers, the time flew by and left you wanting to hear more. A perfectly pleasant way to spend an hour.Rating:4/5Reviewer: Helen Dickinson

LaughiendaComedyIf you are looking for a laugh then this is the show to see. A super blend of different stand-up styles and humour, there is something for everyone. Audience participation, unpredictable deadpan punchlines, dry but droll poetry, creative use of props and more. If the Laughienda team don’t make you laugh, then quite frankly you shouldprobably consider never going to a comedy show again, as you clearly have no sense of humour. A must see!Rating: 5/5Reviewer: Helen Dickinson

Chris Kehoe. Picture by Ania Pankiewicz.

Annie and Angela’s Disco Divorce PartyMusical ComedyAnnie Sup & Angela BraFinal show of this year’s Morecambe Fringe and we leave on a high a Musical journey through the Misadventures of the disco divorce party that Annie and Angela both performers engage well with the audience in a really fun night that takes some unexpected but really funny turns. The songs throughout are great and I’m still humming along even now, a funny fabulous way to end this years fringe programme bring on next yearRating:4/5Reviewer: Christian Ainscough

Life LessonsMusical comedyAngela BraThe last day on Morecambe fringe 2022 and we are going out on a high point I had this show marked as one to definitely see and I was not disappointed. As introduced Drag artiste Angela Bra is a singer songwriter part time music teacher and TikTok famous ( seriously they are go and look) the show was packed with some really clever jokeswhich had the audience laughing though the hour set with some great music parodies and some brilliant sight gags this was fun silly wildly entertaining show that I recommend highlyRating: 4/5 starsReviewer: Christian Ainscough

Pandemic! The Musical.MusicalVelodyA confident and magnetic performer. Velody immediately engages the audience, and there is plenty of audience participation. Her original catchy, and humorous songs are interspersed with factual and emotional reminders of events that affected many of us during the pandemic. I found her depiction of working from home particularly humorous,reliving the terror of Teams and Zoom meetings. Certain witticisms will remain with me, such as “plug and play my arse”. Looking forward to seeing this musical again, when I will be sure to wear my PPE and sing along to “Welcome to the Land of Lockdown”, a sure musical hit.Rating:4/5Reviewer: Helen Dickinson

SmorgasbordComedyGraeme Rayner, Suzy Frost, Jonny BrookThree Yorkshire comics travel across the Pennines in this sublime feast. Graeme kicks off and his talent as a raconteur instils the audience with confidence. The laughs come thick and fast. Suzy Frost is risque for the 21st century. Feminist with a small f, what matters here are the jokes which pile up. Jonny Brooks self deprecation echoesJackie Mason yet here he's talking about disability and his ability to play the system. Smart, funny, and on point as he both challenges and reinforces different stereotypes.Rating: 4/5Reviewer: Simeon Word

James Harris.
John Slater.
The West End Playhouse where Morecambe Fringe took place.
Robin Boot.
Rowland Crowland.