Drama productions to aid Ribchester Rovers Football Club

Where there's football there's always drama - and in the case of the Ribble Valley village of Ribchester that is certainly the case this week.
RATS' members in rehearsalRATS' members in rehearsal
RATS' members in rehearsal

For the local amateur dramatic group’s latest productions are set to benefit the village’s football club.

RATS (Ribchester Amateur Theatrical Society) is to donate proceeds from three play reading performance events this week to the Ribchester Rovers Football Club.

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A spokesman for the drama club said: “RATS are presenting not one, but two short plays for their November production in a unique relaxed performance/rehearsed reading format. RATS have a long history of offering varied and interesting drama to audiences, in a variety of ways, but this is the first time that they’ve ever attempted something like this. One play is a witty comedy, the other is a straight drama.”

He continued: “RATS will perform the two, one act plays in an evening, lasting about an hour each hour each, but with director’s input. The cast will be on stage with scripts and the directors may well stop orchange performances mid flow, allowing the audience a unique insight.”

The first, untitled, play is by RATS member William Rhys Thomas. Its story focuses on an ageing war veteran and poet whose world is turned upside down by the arrival of his young niece and his battle with alcoholism and depression. David Procter plays Archibald Newcombe and niece Martha is Pippa Lane. Support comes from Robin Simmons, Steven Johnson and newcomer Fiona Elcomb as the dutiful housekeeper ‘Mrs Walthomstowe’.

Hannah Murray and David Procter will direct comedy ‘Acting, It’s not Plumbing’, starring RATS’ regulars Rebecca Parkinson, Sue Cronshaw, Steven Johnson and Robin Simmons.

Performances are on Thursday, Friday and Sunday at Ribchester Village Hall. Doors open 7pm for 7:30pm. Tickets, for over 14s only, are £5 from 01245 878530.