Concert carries health warning

A show on its way to Lancashire has had to issue a health warning to theatres and audiences.

Wednesday, 29th January 2014, 7:00 am
The Jerry Lee Lewis Story
The Jerry Lee Lewis Story

The number of incidents of audience members passing out, becoming breathless and even suffering mild seizures has so alarmed the promoters of The Jerry Lee Lewis Story they have had to stamp a health warning on to it.

They are also insisting that all theatres booking the show have a full St John’s Ambulance team on hand.

The performance of Peter Gill as Jerry Lee Lewis has even been endorsed by Jerry Lee Lewis’ own son.

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Alison Kennedy from Gloucestershire said: “When he jumped off the piano I was sure I was going to faint! All around me people were becoming over-excited, one poor man had to be taken away by ambulance. It was a pure adrenalin rush from beginning to end”

Jerry Lee, now in his 70s and recognised as the Last Man Standing of Rock n Roll’s original greats has held the nickname ‘Killer’ for most of his life.

Originally this show was called ‘Killer – The Jerry Lee Lewis Story’, now however, the promoters are so concerned they have dropped the nickname out of fear it proves prophetic.

When asked if he should tame down his performance, Peter said: “Jerry Lee Lewis, in his heyday, was the most exciting performer of all time. What I do is the best that I am able to recreate his dynamism.

“If people get overcome by me standing on my stool to play the piano, jumping around a bit and leaping off the piano then I can’t help it. It just proves there is not enough excitement in today’s music world.

“Besides, every night it is my blood that ends up being spattered over the piano keyboard!”

It was over 40 years ago that Jerry Lee first made headlines with hits such as Great Balls of Fire, Breathless, High School Confidential, Wild One and Whole Lotta Shakin – at the time it was called The Devil’s Music and people were warned that by listening to him their souls would go to hell.

The Jerry Lee Lewis Story is at the The Grand Theatre in Clitheroe on Saturday, February 15. Box Office 01200 421 599.