Word Fest 2023: The Price Of Football Live

The Price Of Football Live at Winter Gardens Blackpool on Thursday, Oct 12The Price Of Football Live at Winter Gardens Blackpool on Thursday, Oct 12
The Price Of Football Live at Winter Gardens Blackpool on Thursday, Oct 12
In the heart of Lancashire, football pulsates in our veins.

For the fans of Preston North End, Blackpool, Fleetwood and countless other illustrious Lancashire squads, the beautiful game is more than just 90 minutes on the pitch; it's the very essence of our communities.

And if you're hungry for a unique insight into the business side of football, intertwined with wit and humour, then Winter Gardens Blackpool has curated the perfect event for you this October.

BUY TICKETS: The Price Of Football Live is the onstage manifestation of the widely acclaimed podcast and is part of Winter Gardens Blackpool's Word Fest 2023 on Thursday, October 12, 8pm – get tickets HERE.

Word Feast 2023 literary festival, with a captivating lineup of authors, thinkers, and performers, runs Oct 12-25. For full details and tickets for all events visit www.wintergardensblackpool.co.uk/whats-on/word-fest.

The twice-weekly football podcast and audio sensation, that has captivated legions of fans, will unveil its charm live, celebrating the launch of the enthralling new book, Unfit & Improper Persons.

Through their unparalleled acumen, the team peels back the curtain on football finance and ownership, spotlighting the myriad decisions and conundrums that weave the sport's intricate tapestry.

But who are the minds behind this engaging exploration? Enter Kevin Day, Kieran Maguire, and Guy Kilty.

Kieran Maguire and Kevin DayKieran Maguire and Kevin Day
Kieran Maguire and Kevin Day

Kevin Day, the esteemed stand-up comedian and comedy writer celebrated for his contributions to shows like ‘Have I Got News for You’ and ‘A League of Their Own’, brings an unmatched comedic allure to the stage. His sharp wit, coupled with his discerning understanding of football (evidenced in his book “Who Are Ya?: 92 Football Clubs – and Why You Shouldn’t Support Them”), ensures a night filled with laughter and insight.

Kieran Maguire, with his formidable grasp on football finance, is the bedrock of the show. As the genius behind the Football Industries MBA at the University of Liverpool Management School and hailed as a “soccer finance expert” by Forbes, Kieran's elucidations provide profound depth to the narrative.

Last but not least, ‘Producer Guy’ - Guy Kilty - is the man who ensures the podcast's seamless success. With a rich history in helming radio and TV shows at the BBC and currently at the helm of podcast production company Dap Dip, his expertise guarantees an event of the highest calibre.

Together, this trio embarks on a fictional journey with West Park Rovers, detailing the unpredictable world of football ownership, from grassroots beginnings to Premier League stardom.

Guy KiltyGuy Kilty
Guy Kilty

So, football enthusiasts of Lancashire, this is your rallying cry. Assemble for a night of humour, insight, and revelations. Discover more and secure your spot now: The Price Of Football Live at Winter Gardens Blackpool.