Book review: The Little Book of Colouring by Amber Anderson

Feeling stressed, need to unwind, want to unleash your inner creativity? One of these gorgeous little colouring books could be just what you need!

By Pam Norfolk
Monday, 24th August 2015, 10:00 am
The Little Book of Colouring by Amber Anderson
The Little Book of Colouring by Amber Anderson

Colouring books for adults have become essential accessories for those who need to switch off from busy lives and escape into mental and physical relaxation. Colouring has long been recognised as a way to enhance the thought processes and provide a short cut to states of mind associated with the healing powers of meditation.

So popular has this creative and therapeutic hobby become that the craze is sweeping through social media, and across the country people are joining colouring clubs and meeting for colouring events.

Colouring, it is claimed, can help insomnia problems, increase attention span, provide a digital detox away from screens and allow even those with little natural artistic talent to create beautiful images.

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So why not chill out with this gorgeous new Peace in Your Pocket series of handy-sized adult colouring books? Featuring the stunning artwork of Amber Anderson, they use an imaginative combination of illustrations and life-affirming quotes to soothe anxiety, promote calm and free the mind.

The books offer the perfect blend of intricacy and simplicity… they are complex enough to absorb the attention but also sufficiently modest to rest the brain and induce total relaxation.

The four books – In Bloom, Tropical Paradise, Animal Kingdom and Patterns – are easily stored in pockets and bags so you can colour yourself calm wherever you are. Take them with you as travelling companions when commuting, on business trips or travelling to holiday destinations. Or simply keep them by your bedside so you can colour yourself happy at the end of a busy, stressful day.

Printed on high quality paper and brimming with inspirational proverbs and intricate drawings, including geometric designs, magnificent animals, fabulous floral patterns and tropical vistas, the books will calm the mind and lift the spirits.

The good news is that you don’t need to be an expert artist to enjoy colouring and there’s no need for expensive equipment… so grab your Little Book of Colouring, dig out some crayons, kick-start your creativity and, most important of all, relax!

(Quercus, paperback, £7.99 each)